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Reflection on the 1st Welsh International Tango Festival

December 6, 2018

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Urban Tango Nights meets Ritmo Latino

November 3, 2016


Photos in this blog where taken for Ritmo Latino By ClubCam // www.club-cam.co.uk // www.Facebook.com/ClubCamsFace // @club_cam // Sara Hawley, more photos can be viewed on the Ritmo Latino Swansea Facebook page.


This blog is really just a commentary on a night out we had over the Halloween weekend.  We have of course been to a number of social dances and milonga over the years, some have been really good, and others have been bland and frankly unsocial.  To make a social dance good requires very few ingredients: good dancing, good music, some nibbles and friendly people.   Snacks aren’t essential but are good for getting people through the door, especially cake!  Good dancing is an odd one, since if people are dancing and having a good time it really doesn’t matter what the quality of the dancing is, unless it affects you, and the only way it can affect you is if the floor craft is poor.   Music speaks for itself, although I have come up with a way of getting around it.  At an event with particularly bad music from start to finish, I found I could play songs that I liked in my head and dance to that instead.   I have to say that my partner was a bit confused when I started dancing Milonga rhythms and steps in the middle of a miserable tango.  In my head I had just got to the upbeat last verse of George Michael’s Careless Whisper.


Anyway back to Halloween weekend; those who know me will be shocked to hear we attend a Salsa night!  I freely admit I’m not a fan of salsa music but some members of our class were going and we ended up thinking why not.  We’re glad we did go because we had a very enjoyable evening dancing, meeting new people and generally socializing.  The evening met the four ingredients that I mentioned earlier. 


The event we went to was Ritmo Latino’s Halloween Latin Party in Tino’s, Swansea with Sue on the decks (do they still have decks these days?).  We were welcomed and invited to join a table and told we could request songs.  There was also some Halloween treats on the table.    Over the course of the evening we had some nice dances doing a bit of modern jive as well as tango, batacha and kizomba tunes fit these dances well.



It is a nice to see people watching you dance and appreciating what you are doing rather than just muttering behind your back just because the tango they are seeing doesn’t fit their limited view.  For example two girls stopped their own dancing when we were dancing tango to (I’m slightly embarrassed to say) Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’.  I spoke to the two girls after and they had recognised the Argentine Tango flicks (ganchos) and leg wraps from watching Strictly.  We also spoke to a gentleman that has been dancing for 15 years who was fascinated by the revelation of tango danced to non-tango, modern music.


We also did some tango to Gotan Project ‘Santa Maria’ (we found the non-cut version is quite long) and had quite a large audience who we’ve been told were mesmerised by what they saw.  So we look forward to welcoming these people to our classes in the future.  We also enjoyed watching others dancing and enjoying themselves.  Throughout the evening we saw salsa, batacha, kizomba, reggaeton line-ups and, I think, merengue.   


Unfortunately we had to leave before the end of the night but I did manage to get a dance in with Lisa (who has been coming to our tango classes for the past month) to Michael Jackson’s ‘Billy Jean’.  Not an easy song to dance tango to and made hard by me experimenting with adding Modern Jive.  It seemed to work though especially on a crowded floor.


We would like to thank Sue for playing some great music and creating a brilliant atmosphere.  We would also like to thank all that welcomed us.  Ritmo Latino hold their Latin parties every other week so their next event is on Saturday 12th November in Tino’s.  After last Saturday we would strongly recommend them and we look forward to attending another one in the near future.  We’ve also been challenged to fusion tango with Cuban, we’re think of something with rumba. 

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